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Now a days buyer are getting trapped with fake
supplier but export trade mart is verifying all
supplier manufacturer details,buyer can deal with
verified supplier hassle free.

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our concept is totally different from others, intead of enquiry, we are providing confirm business deal
here we are verifying all buyers details before
connecting with any supplier.


EXPORT TRADE MART also provide complete 360 degree web solution including social media
promotion We having best SEO team to promote
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Our Latest Buyer

Name Product Quantity City / State Country status Action
Shalal Al Madina Sona Masoori Rice & IR-64 Rice 5 Twenty-Foot Container Dubai UAE Verified
Mehrin Palm Oil 5000 Metric tonne Tamilnadu India Verified
Sameer Ahmed Green Cardamom 8mm 20 Metric Ton Dubai UAE Deal Done
Mr. John Peter Alphonso Mango 1200 Box Chicago USA Deal Done
VIJAY NAINIWAL Electric Motor Scrap 1 Twenty-Foot Container Gujarat India Verified
Ali Mohammed Green Banana 1 Twenty-Foot Container Qatar UAE Verified
Nitin Avocado 2 Tonne Gujarat India Verified
Fasal Khan G4 Green Chilli 1 Twenty-Foot Container Qatar UAE Deal Done
Maren Alphonso mango 1 Twenty-Foot Container Singapore Singapore Verified
Tomas Totatpori 1 Twenty-Foot Container Le Havre, France Verified
Peterson Incense stick 1 Twenty-Foot Container Malaysia Malaysia Verified
Kelvin Bamboo salt 500 Kg Berlin Germany Verified
Mehrdad Jahangiri Tissue Paper/Toilet Paper 1 Twenty-Foot Container Izmir Turkey Deal Done
Ben Couper Gram Flour 20 Tonne Alberta Canada Verified
Suleman Jaggery Powder 20 Tonne kuwait Kuwait Verified
Abdul Tender Coconut 1 Twenty-Foot Container Dubai UAE Verified
Rahman Green Cardamom 5 Ton/Tons Dubai UAE Verified
Mukul Jain Tulsi Leaf Tea 100 Kg Gujarat India Verified
Mr. Satish Shetty Mint Tea/Masala Tea 50 Kg Goa India Verified
Sumit Long Grain White Rice 12500 Metric Tonne Conakry Guinea Verified
Mr. Albert Granite & Sandstone 1 Twenty-Foot Container London UK Verified
Mr. Johny Black Galaxy Marble 1 Twenty-Foot Container Washington USA Verified
Sultan Shakib Shallot Onion 1 Twenty-Foot Container Dhaka Bangladesh Verified
John Sin Track Suit 2000 Pieces Berlin Germany Verified
Peter Casual Shoes 5000 Pairs Belgium Belgium Verified
Michael Short Trousers 10,000 Pieces Avenida Balmes Spain Verified
Peter Banana powder 10 Tonne Sydney Australia Processing
Kenny & Maryann Benson Organic Moringa Powder 20 Tonne South Carolina USA Verified
Mats T Shirts 10000 Pieces Copenhagen Denmark Verified
Benjamin Peanuts 25 Tonne Toronto Canada Processing
Anderson Silk Saree 1350 pieces Washington USA Processing
Tam Silk Saree 1000 Pieces Sydney Australia Verified
Devesh Bhai Chromite 1000 Tonnes Ahmedabad India Verified
Sem Sand Stone 48 Pieces Amsterdam Netherland Verified
Jack Sand Stone 75 Pieces London United Kingdom Verified
Abdul Sheikh Turmeric Powder 20 Tonne Dubai UAE Verified
John Kitchen Ware NA Germany Germany Verified
Amadi Moringa Powder 20 Tonne Addis Ababa Ethiopia Verified
Branimir Nitrile Gloves 5 Lacs Boxes Sofia Bulgaria Verified
William GHERKIN 500 Boxes Sydney Australia Verified
Satish Ginger 10 Tonne Mumbai India Verified
Karthik Pig Iron 60,000 Tonne Chennai Tamilnadu India Verified
Saleem J Coconut Oil 10 tonne Dubai UAE Verified
Ayaan Matta rice 20 metric tonne Shri Lanka Shri Lanka Verified
Som Cow Pure Ghee A2 50 Kg Malaysia Malaysia Processing
Nicolas N 95 mask 7 lakh pieces Belgium Belgium Verified
Luis N 95 mask 6 lakh pieces Germany Germany Deal Done
Elias T -Shirt 35,000 pieces France France Deal Done
Paul T -Shirt 10,000 pieces Germany Germany Verified
Mahesh Litchi 10 tonne madurai Tamilnadu India Processing
Arjun Litchi 5 tonne Banglore India Deal Done
Ceylani Mese Wheat Flour 1 Twenty-Foot Container Mersin Turkey Verified
Rungroj Fresh Ginger 40 metric tonnes Thailand Thailand Deal Done
Awaludin Red onion 1 Twenty-Foot Container Bali Indonesia Verified
Oliver Kesar mango 1 Twenty-Foot Container London United Kingdom Processing
John Kesar mango 17 tonne Unites states Unites states Deal Done
Joseph Badami Fresh Mangoes 500 Boxes London United Kingdom Processing
Chen Fresh Alphonso Mango v 1 Twenty-Foot Container Singapore Singapore Verified
Omar Al Amin Basmati Rice 1121 40 metric tonnes Dubai UAE Deal Done
Abuthar Ponni Rice 20 metric tonne Manama Bahrain Deal Done
Mira Ivanova Brown Rice 100 metric tonne Varna Bulgaria Processing
Saleem Basmati Rice 1121 1 Twenty-Foot Container Kuwait Kuwait Processing
Kunal Moong Dal 10 tonne Assam India Deal Done
Bala Krishnan 3 ply mask 2 lakh pieces erode tamil nadu India Verified
Venkat Raman N 95 mask 1 lakh pieces Hyderabad Telangana india Verified
Ananth Raman Scrap tyre 26 tonne Cochin Kerala India Done
Satya Prakash Chilli Powder 50 tonne Bareilly Uttar Pradesh India Processing

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